BodyShed© Personal Wellness Centers. High-end luxury backyard wellness and fitness centers and gyms gyms custom designed and built in your own backyard.


In addition to wine cellars, tennis courts and theatre rooms, our ‘new normal’ has helped bolster the desire and need for on-site wellness centers as an extension of the luxury home ambiance. And to help fill that demand, Liamar has become an authorized builder of BodyShed© backyard personal wellness centers. BodyShed buildings are custom built and specifically designed to greatly enhance your wellbeing, compliment your home, enhance your landscape and increase property value.

With designs ranging from Pilates and Yoga studios to sophisticated wellness spaces extensively equipped for cardio, core and weight training, BodyShed layouts are adaptable and tailored specifically for your needs and goals. Whether constructed as a detached freestanding building or as a home addition, a private wellness space creates the perfect distraction free sanctuary where you, alone or with a teacher, can practice meditation, enhance cardio, tone muscle or simply relax in your own personal sauna.

Custom designed BodyShed© home wellness and fitness gym center


BodySheds are high-end wellness spaces constructed using premium lumber and materials that meet or exceed local building code requirements. Unlike most mass-produced sheds or backyard structures, which are held together with glue and staples, BodySheds are built to the same strict residential building standards as your home and are designed to withstand hurricane force winds while lasting for generations. Each structure is set on a solid masonry foundation, includes energy-efficient heating and cooling, and is fully weather and sound insulated. Some of the options, customizable aspects, amenities and benefits of the BodyShed include:


  • Buildings are customized to match your lifestyle
  • 3 well-appointed turn-key designs also available
  • Commercial grade equipment hand-selected by you
  • Industry-leading warranty on materials and components
  • Commercial rated waterproof vinyl plank flooring
  • Odor-free various thickness virgin rubber flooring
  • Flexible bathrooms designs per your requirements
  • Shower and changing area design options
  • Steam room and sauna options
  • Massage and spa treatment tables
  • 2×6 densely insulated and sound dampened walls
  • Stucco, wood, vinyl or stone siding
  • Unlimited color options
  • Various entryway door options
  • High efficiency heating and cooling
  • Integrated air purification and odor control
  • Energy Star® high efficiency windows
  • Smartphone climate, lighting and audio control
  • Immersive sound system with concealed speakers
  • Your music, your video and your ambience
  • Adds instant value/equity to your property
Bathroom, Steam room and Sauna options


  • Offers more focused, distraction-free sessions
  • Customized and preconfigured designs available
  • Add 14 years on average to your life
  • A private oasis just steps from your door
  • 24/7 access to your own private gym
  • Provides a clean, sanitized, germ-free environment
  • Only accessible to you, your spouse and friends
  • Complimentary certified trainer/teacher session included
  • Your instructor can meet you at your own place
  • No risk of ‘catching something’ from others sick at the gym
  • Cancel your gym membership
  • No disturbing noises, cell phones, grunting etc.
  • No more sitting in traffic or ‘getting done’ to visit the gym
  • No more uncomfortable stares or interactions
  • No waiting for your favorite machine
  • Eliminate moldy, damp basement workouts
  • No ‘locker-room’ or “BO” smell, sweaty equipment or body odors
  • Recapture curb appeal & be the envy of the neighborhood in no time!

Explore Your Imagination

Our team consists of fitness and wellness professionals, highly skilled designers, builders and installers who will work with you to create your dream facility that incorporates all of your ambitions, is highly functional and stunningly beautiful. BodyShed also comes in preconfigured turn-key design packages fully equipped and compatible for all fitness and wellness goals. We take great pride in the projects we accept and our team passionately pursues an outstanding client experience. To learn more about the BodyShed or to discuss making your vision a reality, feel free to call us or submit a summary of your scope of work below. During communication, we can give you a rough estimate, a plan of action and a time frame to project completion.

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