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100% Home Construction, Additions, Remodeling and Improvement In New Jersey with Brian Kelly

Discover Brian Kelly at Guaranteed Rate: Unlock competitive rates for loans on home improvements, remodeling, renovations, and home additions.

Planning your dream home addition or envisioning a luxurious bathroom or upscale kitchen? While it’s exciting, funding these projects can be a challenge. Sadly, most home improvement contractors form relationships with personal finance companies that offer the contractors concealed incentives and charge exorbitant rates — some even as staggering as 29.99%! But there’s no need to drain your savings or fall prey to such inflated terms. Instead, consider utilizing affordable equity lines or premium financing to make your dream projects a reality, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Best Rates and Flexible Financing: Qualify swiftly, typically within minutes, and gain effortless access to project capital with a loan custom tailored to your specification. Start your project sooner – You might also benefit from the potential advantage of deducting up to 100% of the interest paid on the loan. Essentially, it’s akin to borrowing capital at 0% interest. Trust Brian Kelly’s expertise to help you unlock the full potential of your home improvements and additions.


Liamar is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Brian Kelly of Guaranteed Rate to provide our clients with superior financing options. With over a decade of local expertise, Brian has an esteemed association with some of the nation’s most distinguished project financing programs. Committed to excellence, Brian and his dedicated team prioritize ensuring a seamless transactional experience while sourcing the most advantageous financial terms for our esteemed clientele.


  • Tap into home equity without impacting your original home loan rate
  • Completely fund your home improvements
  • Interest is 100% deductible
  • Access to funds in 10 days or less
  • A trusted, helpful local lender


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